Best pricing

Best pricing Here at 5CentsCDN , we can are pleased to provide you and your affiliates with the highest quality service combined with the best prices. Our sales team will make it easy for you to save time and money based on your specific CDN requirements.

Support 24×7

Support 24x7 We have created an extensive knowledge base, numerous tutorials, and special documentation on every feature of our service. You can easily find answers to questions on your own, or contact our technical support center.

Stream any where

Stream any where We currently support RTMP, RTSP and HTTP protocols to deliver a seamless experience in live streaming. Any device that supports the above protocols can play your live stream without extra apps or downloads.


Why 5centsCDN?

Check the great feature list why you should consider using our CDN:
  • Domainlock
    You decide which remote domains or websites will be able to play, or “hotlink” streaming data directly from your site. As you may be aware, disabling hotlinking will prevent thieves from using your content on their site while you wind up paying for bandwidth and storage…Read more
  • Custom flash player
    We provide source code for a flash player that you can customize as required for your particular business. We are currently planning to provide licensed flash players to all our current customers…Read more
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